Vehicles of GTA Vice:

• Motorcycles
We've all been begging for motorcycles back since GTA2 had none. And now our wish has been granted. Bikes are back and better than ever! There are 4 motorbikes in Vice City: the PCJ-600, the FreeWay, the Fuggio and the Sanchez.

From what we know and have seen, it appears to be the fastest motorcycle in Vice City. So far, only seen in red.

• Helicopters
Helicotpers are completely new to the game, and they're very welcome by us! Rockstar have revealed that the helicopter will be pilotable in the game, but it will be very hard to get access to.

• Boats
Boats are going to play a much bigger role in the overall gameplay this time around. There is a large number of different boats which all control unqiuely. Boats will be used in Vice City's numerous waterways and canals.

A fast speedboat in Miami's warm water.

• The Ones with Tires
Last but not least there are the cars. There are just about 100 different cars for you to find, delving into all kinds of 80's fashion and aggression.

An expensive sportscar for the rich! .. or those who steal.

Included in the game will be two airplanes. One sea-plane which you will be able to land in water, and another full-winged proper plane. These both should be pilotable.

In GTA: Vice City the vehicles are much more damageable than in GTA3. You will be able to shoot out a car's tires, which will in turn greatly affect the handling of the car. You will also be able to shoot people who are sitting inside cars through windows. Which in turn shows that vehicles have a far greater number of parts that can fall off, or be cut off by a chainsaw!