Coleís back for another round. First off, this will be the final time I say this. I donít write articles on a schedule. There are no due dates for them. This isnít school. Stop asking and if you do ask I will not respond. You have been dually warned, more than once.

Next up, thanks for the feedback Iím getting about the articles. I appreciate the comments and please do keep reasonable ideas coming. Speaking of ideas for articles, letís get on with this one which I picked off the forum. I promised cars for this one but thatís not happening this time around. Iíd like to address a fairly recent news topic: The safe return of Elizabeth Smart.

Iím writing this to verbally beat the shit out of a few of our members and yíall know who you are. Certain members said that Ms. Smart got what was coming to her because of the clothes she chose to wear and other reasons.


Honestly, there have been some dumbass posts before but this takes the cake. You guys have stooped to a horrible new low and if thatís truly how you feel then I have a few words for you:

You are a bad person

Since I am talking directly to you and I said I have words for you, my message will stick with you. It is now implanted in your head and good luck getting it loose. Here it is again for those of you who agree with the kidnappers:

You are a bad person

There, itís stuck. Let us know what youíre thinking in 24 hours because I guarantee my words will be with you, even if you tell us otherwise.

What is wrong with you, really? Someone deserves to be kidnapped, taken prison for almost a year, and raped?! What the fuck is wrong with you?

No one deserves to be kidnapped. It is a violation of the personís personal liberties, and besides that, itís wrong. No one can do anything to deserve it. Who cares what she was wearing? She is a freakiní teenager. People that age go through stages of trying to identify his or her identity. Everybody does it. And so what if she was daddyís little girl? Every girl is daddyís little girl and you know what you bastards, there are millions of them. Elizabeth is just an average, young girl. Shame on you for wishing her harm.

Next Iíll talk about the rape of Elizabeth Smart. They had to have raped her. There is no doubt. The people that took her are sick freaks and repeatedly raped her. Rape is the absolute worst crime that one person can do to another, absolute worst. Rape is a total assassination of a personís most private being. Physical, emotional, mental, everything. They forced themselves into her young womb and destroyed any sense of innocence that she had. I canít begin to fathom the emotional stress she is under from this ungodly act. Her mental problems from this crime are astronomic. It is very bad for this poor girl. Whatís worse is all the attention she is getting. She is being thrown into the public spotlight without giving time to make a recovery, if itís even possible.

Elizabeth Smart has been destroyed.

The people who did this deserve to die. If they get anything short of life in prison without parole, the justice system does not work. Kidnapping and rape deserves death. Being a teenager does not deserve kidnap and rape you pieces of shit.

I mean, how could anything so incredibly devoid of any intelligence whatsoever come across your mind. If you need a good speech on the evils of rape, rent ďA Time to KillĒ and fast-forward your ass to the end and watch my man Matthew McConaughey deliver an incredible summation. You people make me sick.

How could you say rape is justified? Fuck you.

What if she was your daughter, cousin, niece, sister, or friend?

Every summer I help out at a vacation bible school in the great state of Pennsylvania. I work with kids in 5th and 6th grade. I can tell you right now that if anyone did anything to those girls I have the privilege of being with, they would be sorry for a very long time.

Everyone, please understand that this is not addressed at the vast majority of yíall. Just to the select individuals who have mental problems to a spectacular degree. I donít want to name names but you can look it up on the forum yourself. Again to you people who say ďhooray for rapeĒ

You are a bad person

Enjoy some quality, restless nights as not only my words but your own words float around in your head and eat you from the inside until youíll beg Cole to let you write an apology article. It will happen and if it doesnít you will feel bad, very bad and wonít believe that you call yourself a human being. Like the Menís Warehouse guy says, ďI guarantee it.Ē

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