Grand Theft Auto 2 - PSX

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Tips / Tricks:
While driving a car that has a radio, press Up to change stations.

What you need to do is put in the cheat for all weapons which is, "N A V A R O N E", then when you are in the game select molotov cocktails or grenades and jump from a high place i.e, building, ramp or bridge and keep on tapping the attack button and ureaka! you're flying.

Cheat Codes:
Code = Effect

ITSALLUP = Get Level Select
LIVELONG = Get Unlim Energy
NAVARONE = Get All Weapons
HIGHFIVE = 5x Multiplier
BIGSCORE = 10 Million Points
IAMPLAYA = Unlim Money
IGNITION = Turbo car
DESIRES = Get Maximum Wanted Level
MUCHCASH = More Money
WUGGLES = Show Coordinates